Incredible featurestoolsstatisticsthat help you do business locally



Your Shopping Cart built in 

TownCentral! Business Listing membership includes a shopping cart that lets you use your own Paypal Account to sell products. Offer free pick up or charge a fee for local delivery using our simple options shipping tools and you're ecommerce is up and running. 

Listings are mobile friendly, so you'll be visible to the fastest growing segment of online buyers in North America .


Your Coupons & Specials
TownCentral! helps you make sure there are people every day, visiting just to check out what's on special and the deals you offer today. Add your own downloadable Coupons, they can also be scanned using QR codes if your customers download to their phones. Offer new specials daily, weekly or monthly to keep return interest in your business. 


Set up Events, even sell tickets

Set up a concert, seminar, art show, picnic or other excititing event and go the extra step of selling tickets right from your page if the event warrents it! Use your own PayPal account to collect fees and use other tools to help organize your event. Make Events a great "return interest" part of your marketing and retention. 


Schedule Appointments
Set up schedules that your customers can book time on. You can use your PayPal account (it ties right into your TownCentral! Business Management account) so you can take payments for booked appointments in advance. Add as many Schedules as you wish allowing for your entire team to offer online, in person or over the phone appointments. 



Extreme Multimedia
Your Online Local Business Management membership makes room for you to add a number of Photo Galleries AND Video Galleries, allowing you to show off your best stuff. As well, you can add more galleries to any Projects, Products, Events or other features that you take advantage of to make your business more popular in your Canadian City. 


Manage Testimonials

TownCentral! encourages visitors to talk about the businesses they encounter. Because you have an easy way to offer the opportunity, your customers can talk about their experience, upload selfies to your page, and vote using the traditional 5 star system, all of which help your business gain new clients and followers for the long term. 



Get Canadian Business Certified

TownCentral! Online Local Business Management membership offers you optoinal certification that lets you add the brand to your Public Viewable business area. Let them know your domain, web business and those that work for you are all Canadian Based businesses and people so your customers know they are supporting Canada. (Optional Addon for ANY Package, available starting Sept. 15, 2020).

Other Cool Features

- Offer Menus, Brochures, Printables
- Social Media Links and Icons
- Includes Tier 1 Link to your website
List Locations, hours, staff, departments, more
- Link your businesses together 
- Show Company Project Albums WITH multimedia
- Interactive map to your location
- Use your Paypal for transacting funds



Getting Local is Everything! The home of successful local business where toiling with Google becomes less and less vital and working with your customers becomes more and more productive. Complete interactivity for your client base is at your fingertips.