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 Your Business Centre does it all

No matter what kind of business you have, if it works within your local market place then you've noticed how few tools there are to make it easy to conduct business, take money, sell product and even book appointments.

Adding new events for sales or seminars, offering weekly or daily coupons to bring in or save to their smart phone; the list of advantages to having a complete Business Centre online is endless.

These photos show you a listing for COOLCOM Media Group with one page allowing you to book appointments with the Team Specialists for a consultation. 


Making use of Coupons & Sales
This Cosmetics Company has linked to TownCentre! Business Centre in order to work into a more local consumer base as well as find new ways to offer products in addtion to the standard website cart. 

This business Centre let's jocool Cosmetics sell products that are on special, offer coupons for local pickup orders and lets you book appointments for custom beauty consulations online. As well, jocool Cosmetics regulary posts Sales Events and Makeup Parties in order to generate instant business that the website generally doesn't work into the tools or process. 

Testimonials and the 100% Canadian Certification helps jocool Cosmetics meet the demands of online business today where standard websites fall flat. Click the shot to view close up! >>


Your User Panel and the Data
Click the picture for a close up of your Feature Packed User Panel.

One of the best way to make choices about the future of your business is to put weight in the data generated from the past. 

Your Business Centre gives you a dashboard chalk fuull of information on visits, requests for quotes, messages from customers and more. You can also use your Business Centre to add Galleries, Products for Sale, Project Albums, as well as process any sales for the day. 

Your Data allows you to review your entire suite of Visitor Offerings and keep tabs on what's working in order to work towards complete success. 

Postcards don't make money
There's no reason why a business should not be able to sell products, book appointments or consultations, have sales or marketing events, show off projects, have video and galleries, even list prices and menu's all while being able to transact using your own PayPal account. 

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